Lesson 4 - The Daring Nellie Bly

Focus Skill - Character's Motives - We have learned that a character's motives are the reasons the character acts as he/she does. We talked about analyzing a character's traits, thoughts, words, and actions being clues to the character's motives. You can also use these clues to understand the motives of real people, too, when you're reading nonfiction.

Comprehension Strategy - Reread - This week practice rereading . Check your understanding of each paragraph by stopping at the end of the paragraph and asking yourself if you remember what you just read. If you don't, then you need to reread.

Vocabulary -
eccentric - odd
crusaded - work hard to help earn money to support a cause
impassable - impossible to pass
infuriated - very angry; furious; fury
relented - to finally agree to do something you really don't want to do; gave in
disheartened - to lose hope
faze - when you're shocked or confused by something; when something really, really bothers you

Genre - Biography - a biography is a written account of a person's life, told by someone else. As you read, you will see that the events are presented in time order (chronological order) and there is information that shows why the person's life is important.

Comprehension Questions:

1 - Why do you think Nellie Bly might have decided to become a newspaper reporter?

2 - How do you know Nellie Bly was a determined person?

3 - Why was Nellie Bly's meeting with Jules Verne important?

4 - What factors were likely to affect the outcome of Nellie Bly's journey?

5 - What does Nellie Bly mean when she says Colombo may be a pleasant place to stay "if staying there does not mean more than life to one?"

6 - How did Nellie Bly feel about arriving in Hong Kong? Why?

7 - How are Elizabeth Bisland's reasons for traveling around the world the same as Nellie Bly's reasons?

8 - How did World readers feel about Nellie Bly's journey? How do you know?

9 - What were some results of Nellie Bly's successful journey?

10 - Why do you think Nellie Bly worked to help women, workers, and orphans?

11 - Did Nellie Bly's trip turn out as you expected it would? Yes, it did because when I read that her ship that was five days late landed in Hong Kong two days early, I thought she would make it.